Privacy Policy

The privacy policy only refers to the information we collect online. It doesn’t include any other data collected through mail, fax, and telephone or a third party. By visiting our website you are agreeing to the practices described in our privacy policy. If in case you do not agree to it, please do not use our site. The policy may change from time to time and when it does, we revise the data at the top of the page. Your constant use of the website is a testimony to the fact that you accept the changes hence; it is advised to check the page for updates periodically.

Information that is Collected and Stored

A user, when browse through the website, certain information can be collected. The information includes:
1. The name of the domain you use to access the internet.
2. The date and time you visited.
3. The pages you surfed.
4. The address of the site you used when you visited.

This information is specifically used for statistical purpose, and to help us make the site more useful, easy to access and friendly for the visitors. Unless otherwise stated, we do not collect any more information than this. It is important to not give any sensitive information about yourself online. And even if you have to, be specific about the source and recipient.

How is the Information Used and hen is it disclosed?

The information availed might be used only for anything that is legally correct. It might be used for responding to any queries and taking suggestions if there are any. The information also helps us to track our visitors and gathering in statistical analysis. It will also help us know how our site is being used by the users. The information enables us to manage the data at site, introduce any features if needed and make the content more users friendly. It also enables us to send you a confirmation mail when you register at our site. We also use it to reach out the users, tailor the content, track our reach and improve our policies and marketing – and more! The information is not to be shared without consent. We might share it with a third party that would publish for us but with your informed consent. We wouldn’t any personal data publicly. We also use the details of the readers to inform them about any major changes that might happen at the site. You are also enabled to change the information that you have provided if there is any need. The information such as your mailing id can be used to help you to subscribe to our posts and keep you informed with the upcoming updates on our site. The information might be disclosed in case of any urgent need when our website’s regulations are violated and any strict action is needed to be taken under the law. Other than the specified conditions, it is not allowed to publicly post any sensitive personal details and should be solely used for statistical purposes to improve the site’s content.


Certain ways are implemented to secure the personal information to maximum extent, however, nothing is fully safe in the electronic and digital world. Hence, the website makes no claims of full security and takes no responsibility if the information is used or accused in anyway. The dilemma of the digital world esp. the internet is that nothing is transparent here. Despite numerous security checks and maximum efforts, anything can happen. Therefore, we do not make tall claims of 100% security. However, we do promise that our maximum effort is into improving the safety of the user.

Use of cookies and tracking tricks and ways


Cookies are the alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to the computer’s hard drive of the user through their web browser for tracking purpose. Some cookies help us to make it easier for the user to surf through the site while the others help us in tracking their activities at the site during their visit. Most of the cookies are automatically accepted by web browsers; however, they could be blocked by editing the settings. The information about you is stored through cookies and they are not anything to be scared of. You can simply refer to them as tiny data filled stored files. When you revisit the site, you would not need to avail all of them. Know that disabling cookies can end up in breaking down some parts of the website. Some of the cookies do not have an “opt-out” option, however, most of them have. Cookies simply help us in collecting the data regarding our users.

Clear GIFS

They are small in size graphics with a unique identifier similar to cookies. They are embedded invisibly on pages. They could be used in tracking the visitors’ details, managing the content and compiling the information. They are also used in tailoring the content at the site and also help in knowing the number of people that view our page.

Third Party Analytics

Automated devices are used in order to evaluate the usage of our site and services to help us personalize content on our site and also make it user friendly. Many other analytic means could be used as well for the evaluation of site and its performance. The analysis is made in order to track the target view rate of the site. It also helps us in knowing our reach and the number of people that can reach us out.


Network rolls are usually used for the advertisement of the site. It is done on the basis of your visit to our site and the help of a third party. These entities may use cookies and other tools to analyze the activity. The personal information provided is not shared with the third party. These tools are used to help us improve our content, bring a variety at the site and know about the preferences of users.

User Generated Content

We may ask the user to post some content on our site during his visit. It includes the comments that the user can make after reading any article. The user can share his opinion and/or can suggest something that can help us in improving the content for the future. The comments and everything posted on the site should abide by the law and rules and must not violate any sort of disclaimer or policy. The site wouldn’t take any responsibility for the kind of content that you put out for public display and it should wholly be your own responsibility.

Link to Other Sites

Our website may link to other sites at times. The whole purpose of this practice is to educated our users and facilitate them during their visit making it convenient for them. We do it in order to promote transparency, collaboration, enhance mutual sharing and facilitate the user to its maximum regarding a certain issue. When you follow any link to the external site, it means you leave our site and are now, under the external site’s privacy obligations. Our site will no longer take any responsibility for your activity performed there and you should be vigilant about it. Health and fitness guide doesn’t manage and own sites that are linked. We do not take the information that you may provide there. If you do give any information, be sure that it is solely under your own will and has no association with our page. Our purpose of sharing links to external sites when need be is to facilitate our visitors. Linking to any external site can help the reader get an elaborate view of the topic that is being discussed. And therefore, our site is not in any way related to your activity at the external link being provided.

Children’s Policy

We do not collect any data from children under 13. Should we learn that a child under the marked age limit has provided us any data, we delete it without further ado. Parents and guardians are responsible for the supervision of their minors. If you are under 13, you must talk to your parents or elders before providing any information online. Parents and guardians are to be held responsible incase of any information being displayed publicly. Our site doesn’t allow the use by minors and therefore, as per our policy we instantly delete any kind of information that is provided to us by the minors.


The content of the site is solely for the adults. We do not encourage the use of our site’s information by minors. We instantly block the entry if we detect any minor providing certain data at our site. It is important to note that our content should be only accessed by people who fall in the category that is specified. We do not allow or welcome any information by the minors. We are specifically confined to the adults and our site should only be used by them. In case of any minor’s access, we instantly remove the information being given at our earliest.

Parents and Guardians

We expect parents to be informed about their kids activity on the internet. Minors (all that fall under 13 categories) are not allowed on our site. In case, somehow they land on our page. We expect parents to attend to all the data that they provide. Our site is in no way responsible for anything that we are provided. It is the responsibility of parents to not allow their minors an easy access of the internet. And even if they do, they should be aware about whatever they put on the internet. Our site is not responsible for the outcome and consequences in case if the minors leak any sensitive information without the consent of their parents. Guardians should take care of the usage of the internet at their end and must not allow the use of our site by their minor kids.

The Non-Personal Information

We may collect other non personal information about you. It may include your clicks on the links, the pages you visited, and the content you viewed and so on. It is solely for the analysis of our own site. It helps us in getting a better idea of our users generating hub. The non personal information may also include your use of cookies, timing of your visit, usage of the browser and so on. All of this is taken into connection and then might be combined with your personal data. This helps us in keeping a track record of all our visitors and hence, in return, it gives us a broader out view of the kind of reach that our site can have.

Disagreement with the Policy

In case anyone doesn’t agree to our policy, he/she is allowed to leave and not visit our site. We also encourage users to come forward and point out their reservation regarding our stated policies. It is important to agree to all our points before using our site and visiting our page. We do not take any responsibility of your actions in case of your disagreement and always encourage you to not visit our content and leave at the earliest. If you do not feel comfortable with the facts that we have very clearly mentioned, please do not browse through out page and exit.

Policy can be Subjected to Certain Changes

Our policy is subjected to a constant change. Health and fitness guide is constantly looking for editing that could be done in the existing policy in order to make our site more accessible and user friendly. As additional features and options are added, this policy shall be updated accordingly in order to encourage their right use. Each time you visit, it falls upon you as a responsibility to check the terms of use, disclaimer, any restrictions and the policy page in order to be aware of any new changes made. By browsing the site, you agree to be bound by the newest update in the policy and are willing to abide by it.

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