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Pre pregnancy planning is important and makes a significant change in yours and your baby’s health. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, visit your doctor for pregnancy care. There are lots you can do to get pregnant and make sure that yours and your baby’s health and future is secure. In order to ensure an easy pregnancy, it is important to plan it beforehand thoroughly. Although, the Mother Nature has a big hand in deciding things, for having higher chances of conception and boosting your fertility; there are a few things you should keep in mind. Simply put, the healthier you are while getting pregnant, the chances of having a healthy and sound baby are more. Pre pregnancy planning helps you in ruling out all the possible problems that are underlying but can affect your parenthood later on. It is therefore important, to address all the problems before planning a baby. This way, you will have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Pre pregnancy planning is a great time to ask questions and clear all your concerns. You can consult your doctor and get answers to all your worries. This is the time to be clear about the queries that are in your mind.

What Should you Know before Planning a Baby?

Parenting is a big responsibility. Pregnancy is a life altering experience for all the couples. Therefore, it is important to know what to do before planning a baby. In order to get pregnant naturally and easily, some points should be kept in mind.

Have a Good Parenting Talk

Most couples tend to ignore this and they do not understand its importance but this is one of the most important steps in pre pregnancy planning. It is important to talk to your partner about all the possible aspects including the child expenses, working vs. staying at home, religious traditions, social activities, so on and so forth. The important thing for couples is to talk about their priorities, responsibilities, fears and other concerns before planning a baby.

Do Pre Conception Checkups Beforehand

Before you start trying officially, it is important to get a preconception checkup. You must ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins that contain folic acids in order to protect your baby against some birth defects like Spina Bifida. Folic acid works during the early stage of pregnancy, so that is why it is important you are taking enough of them before getting pregnant.

Do Get to Know Your Cycle Properly

How much do you know about your menstrual cycle? Really knowing your period cycle helps you understand when you are the most fertile. It also helps to become aware of the signs of ovulation, like change in your cervical mucus. It becomes thin and slippery in the most fertile days. Some women may also experience a one-sided twinge of pain. Ovulation prediction kits also helps in knowing your cycle better. It is important to understand your menstrual cycle well before planning a baby as it will ensure a fast conception.

Go Off the Pill

Stop your birth control some time before planning for a baby. Even though according to the new studies you don’t have to wait for months after stopping the pills. However, it is advised to wait for some time after stopping the pill before planning for a baby as the hormones would take some time to get back to the normal. It also gives one a while to understand the menstrual cycle and predict the fertility dates as usually the cycle shows changes after taking the pill for long.

Cut Back on Partying

Drinking, smoking and other such consumption should be ended before pre pregnancy planning. Smoking and drinking affect the fetus and can put your baby in high risk for acquiring congenital defects. Smoking cigarette in particular affect the quality of egg and sperm and consequently, also hinders their normal activity making is difficult to conceive. It is also seen by the researchers that couples who would drink frequently have given birth to babies with life threatening defects. Therefore, it is important to quit the two before planning for a baby.

Dietary Changes

Before planning for a baby it is important to change your diet. If you consume too much caffeine or you love soda, it is important you reduce the quantity of both. Too much caffeine is reported to trigger miscarriage. Therefore, it is important to minimize its consumption. Fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, healthy fats and vitamins are advised to be incorporated into the daily diet for better fertility.

Don’t Overdo It

Having sex regularly specifically during ovulation will not change your chances to conceive. It is advised to have sex everyday while planning for a baby, not necessarily only during ovulation. Sperm lives up to 72 hours after the intercourse therefore, it is suggested so. One’s attire can also affect the sperm count. Hence, it is advised for men to not wear too tight clothes.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

During pre pregnancy planning it is important to stay stress free. In general, it is advised that one should lead an active life. Couple should stay happy and invest into a good routine. Try to not stress too much about conception. You may roll your eyes if someone advises you to not worry too much but it is actually true, one should not get worked up as it affects the hormone levels and consequently, delay fertility and conception. Whatever helps you de-stress is fine as long as it is healthy. Include some sort of physical activity in your daily routine as it also keeps you fit. Obesity and being overweight also delays conception. There are many pregnancy exercises that are advised during pre-pregnancy planning. Researchers say those who lead an active lifestyle are more likely to get pregnant as compared to those who stay lazy and inactive.

Get Optimum Sleep

Stock up on a good sound sleep every night. After conception and during pregnancy, it is usually difficult to get enough sleep due to whatever reasons. Moreover, parenthood is mostly all about sleepless nights once the baby starts growing. Therefore, it is important to get enough sleep while planning for a baby. It helps in normalizing the hormonal level and keeps one relaxed.

Take Supplements

Your doctor may prescribe you some supplements in order to boost your hormone levels and increase the energy. They are actually helpful in the longer run as well.


Conception is a natural process. Stressing about its delay cannot help its occurrence. It is important to understand and know your body. It is more crucial to know your cycle. Before planning for a baby, consult your doctor and thoroughly discuss all the pros and cons. Ask your questions and get a clear picture of how your body works. The preconception time is the phase where you can make life changes. It helps in boosting fertility and also ensures an easy pregnancy ahead. Maintaining a good diet and healthy lifestyle including pregnancy exercises will help you conceive easily. Pre pregnancy planning helps in getting pregnant naturally, having an easy pregnancy and assist in recovery from child birth.

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