Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn’t an illness. You can very much enjoy the beautiful journey towards parenthood by staying healthy and active. Contrary to the popular belief of absolutely no physical activity, there are many safe exercises during pregnancy. They can be done in the premises of your house. They help to keep the mother active. Studies have shown that a healthy and active pregnancy will ensure an easy labor and delivery as well as, the baby born would be saved from obesity and many other diseases.

The body goes through a lot of hormonal and physical changes during the period of gestation such as bloating, constipation, back ache, swelling and more. However, proven through scientific researches, it has been found that staying active and doing some physical activity will help you keep away from all these issues. You don’t have to do hardcore strength training. There are many safe exercises during pregnancy that are followed and performed by the ladies and beneficial results have been seen. It is absolutely safe as long as you get a green signal from your gynecologist. It is usually advised to get a good moderate pace workout of around 30 minutes everyday or three times a week.

Following are some of the safe exercises during pregnancy that can help you stay healthy.

1. Swimming

Swimming and water aerobics maybe just the best workout therapy during pregnancy. You weigh lesser in water and hence, the physical activity becomes easier as compared to that on land.

A dip in the pool might help you get rid of nausea, sciatica pain and puffy ankles for a while. It is also very refreshing overall. Extra care should be taken while walking on the sides of pool as they are slippery. Also, do not try to dive or jump rather simply step in gently. A good float can help you relax and your nerves will feel better as well. Moreover, the stretched joints and ligaments also feel better after a good pool time.

2. Walking

Nothing better and easier than walking to be fit into your schedule. Walking is something that is suggested to all pregnant ladies.

It helps with the delivery and labor later on as well as, during the gestation period, keeps one active and moving. Even on delivery date, you can keep on walking to help with the contractions. No special gym membership or equipment is needed. Get your comfy gears on and go on the track. Or simply walk outside in your lawn, porch – just anywhere!

3. Running

If you are looking for getting the pace a little faster, run! Experienced runners can stay on track even during pregnancy. You don’t have to run long marathons. Just a moderate pace jog can do. Stick to level train or treadmill but never overdo it. Keep in mind to stay mindful of the condition of your joints and ligaments as they tend to be more prone to injury during pregnancy. It is advised to not go to extreme limits. Keep it light and simple.

4. Solo Dances or Aerobics

Not only do they elevate the mood and would help you feel better in spirits. They are also one of the easiest and most enjoyed physical activities.

Group dances like Zumba classes and low impact aerobics are a great way to get the endorphins flowing.Avoid jumping or high impact activities. Never exercise to the point of exhaustion. Do not do complicated moves that may want you to maintain great focus and balance. A light dance or activity that helps you get moving is always the best way to stay on track.

5. Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling can be a great exercise as it allows you to pedal at your own pace without putting your ankles or joints at risk. If you have been working out 6 months before your pregnancy, you shouldn’t be facing any issue even during the gestation period. If you have an instructor, tell him/her about the condition. They will guide you accordingly and tell you what the best is for you. Do not overdo the activity as your joints might experience pain or any injury. Always stay at low pace and don’t exhaust yourself.

6. Yoga

Maternity yoga is one of the best ways to stay active during pregnancy. Many instructors around the globe conduct special classes for all the pregnant ladies. It helps in stretching the muscles and keeping the mind yet body, both active and relaxed.

Prenatal yoga encourages relaxation, flexibility, good breathing and a stable focus. You can always find a glass specifically tailored for all the mommies to be. It is good to be in a community that works towards one common goal. Avoid the poses that will exhaust you. Your instructor can also modify some of the already established poses in order to suit according to your needs. Many women have started practicing yoga during pregnancy and getting benefited.

7. Outdoor activities

Different sports can be modified and played outdoor during pregnancy such as a good hike at an even track, low paced badminton, table tennis and other such activities that won’t exhaust you much and also keep you active and moving.


Staying active and healthy during pregnancy is important. Gone are the days when ladies would just stay in the room lying on the bed and munching on all kinds of food. It is important to keep a light pace activity in your schedule throughout your pregnancy. Not only will it keep you healthy and active, but it also helps with the release of certain hormones that help in fighting all the blues that one is likely to experience during pregnancy. A healthy body needs a healthy mind to function. And a good physical activity will ensure you have both. Cherry on top is maintaining a good balanced diet that will give your baby and your body nutrition as well as keep you away from all kinds of allergies and extra illnesses as well.

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