Why Abortion Law is Important?


Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by removing or expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus. It is a personal choice and should be strictly respected from person to person. But given the facts, it usually occurs as why abortion law is important? Many bills have been previously passed talking about whether the act is justified or not – some of them completely banning it. Similarly, some people favor it as per the need while others, strictly oppose the process. Whether, it should be allowed or not, is a whole new debate. However, it is crucial to understand that the situation might differ with respect to every individual. And one law/act might not be applicable in all situations.

The System of Abortion in America

Four states in the country have passed the heartbeat bill in 2019, banning abortion as early as 6 weeks. Alabama just recently passed a bill, banning the procedure entirely without any exception – rape, incest, health risk and more. Missouri took it a step ahead by passing a bill banning abortion on 8 weeks gestation without any exception. The bill passed the state senate and is now, back in the house for approval. As legislation to restrict and reduce the abortion rate around the country, many people have questioned the decision. Whether the procedure is still legal or not? Why abortion law is important? Can it be performed in certain states while banned in the rest? And so on. Many people have been wondering a number of queries.

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Current Situation of Abortion in United States – Concrete Facts

  • Seeing the efforts regarding the bills, one might think abortion was increasing. Well, that’s not the case. It in fact, kept on reducing between 2006 – 2015 according to the figures. The reason being, an easy access to contraception. When there are no contraceptive facilities, women tend to go for abortion. However, an easy approach saves the hassle. Also, the presence of IUDs that work for years without popping a pill every day is a plus in reducing the rate. Americans have been using the different contraceptive ways to avoid any unwanted pregnancy and in return, abortion rate has significantly reduced.
  • Even though the rate has declined, the practice is still common. According to a report that was shared by Guttmacher Institute after a thorough analysis, 23.7 percent of the women will have an abortion by the age of 45. 19 percent will have one abortion by the age of 30 and a 4 percent of the female population will have it by the age of 20. It clearly shows that the number of cases might have reduced. The process still is in practice and could be seen taking place.
  • Usually the people who opt for abortion are already parents. And as a result, their decision is impacted by many factors including Socio economic status, family well being, willingness of the parents and religious orientation. They already have a family and kids and hence, tend to abortions in case of an unwanted pregnancy.
  • The heartbeat bills have been already passed by four states previously, putting a strict ban on abortions. Whereas Alabama passed an even stricter version recently. According to it, abortion will be banned at any stage of pregnancy without any relaxation for rape, incest or any specific situation.
  • The laws passed have been challenged in court and aren’t followed by the people.
  • According to certain analysis, if the bills are approved, people who miscarry due to whatever reasons could be affected. They might be investigated criminal in case of a certain emergency situation of miscarriage and that could be harmful.
  • The laws might not get approved as a strict ban without consideration for rape, incest and miscarriage. The said situations need to be taken care of and can’t be counted under one single act.
  • None of the laws allow killing of the infants which already is an established fact all around the states.
  • Without any loosening for certain unfortunate situations, the bills might get rejected as they would be socially unacceptable on many grounds.
  • Mostly the abortions happen in early pregnancy. Those who go for it in later months preferably do so due to any serious, incurable fetal abnormality.


A National Debate

The Alabama bill has stirred a strong national debate about whether it is a just act to be passed or no. Public and private voting polls regarding the bill have shown a plethora of mixed reviews. While some appreciate the bill, not wanting to be Gods to decide who should live or not. Many people have expressed a dispute with the views painting the process as a complete private choice depending upon the circumstances of the women and the families. As well as demanding a special relaxation for cases of incest and rape.


Even though the above mentioned bills have taken US with a storm, it is important to understand that an ultimate ban on abortion is impossible. As per the views of a common man, there are many situations where it becomes inevitable and need to be done. Cases like those of

  • Rape
  • Incest
  • When women’s health is at stake.
  • In case of fetal abnormalities that have no treatment and can compromise the quality of life resulting in permanent disability.
  • Incurable diseases.
  • Severe crisis of the family going to have a child.
  • Risky pregnancy that may cause permanent health issues to both the mother and the upcoming child.
  • When a woman has a miscarriage.

In all of these cases, abortion becomes the only way out and hence, it cannot be banned in its entirety. The passes bills have been challenged in the courts and the decision might get affected by certain factors. The bills have created an up-roar in the said states and mixed reviews of the people have been seen through the polling results.

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