8 Simple Steps to Keep Your Blood Pressure Normal


Blood pressure should be kept in control and monitored regularly in order to rule out any possible underlying diseases. High blood pressure as known as hypertension is the root cause of many evils. Hypertension leads to increased risk of heart attack, stroke and many other heart diseases. It is important to make regular blood pressure monitor a routine practice of everyday activities. Blood pressure that is high over a long time is one of the biggest risk factors and should be addressed immediately. With old age, the risk of hypertension increases as well. It is important to get your blood pressure checked regularly. Regular blood pressure monitor should be practiced as it can save one from many diseases and is important in heart disease prevention.


Blood pressure that is persistently high over a long period of time is known as hypertension and should be addressed. Uncontrolled high pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke and many other heart related issues. It may also affect the kidneys and other vital organs and in most cases, it has proven to be fatal. A normal blood pressure is important for good cardiac health. It is advised to keep the blood pressure within normal range in order to be saved from many possible diseases. There can be many causes for hypertension like family history, increased weight, obesity, eating disorders, consuming too much salt, least physical activity, high levels of stress and alcohol intake. Symptoms may not appear in any form. The only way to early diagnosis is regular blood pressure monitor practice. A keen check on blood pressure in case of high risk factors patients is strictly advised. This helps in timely diagnosis and prompt treatment of any suspected illness.

How to Control your Blood Pressure? – A Step Wise Guide

Controlling blood pressure within the normal range is extremely important. As the old saying goes,
                          “Prevention is Better than Sure.”
It is always important to be safe than sorry. Many of us know that certain foods can increase heart attack symptoms and subsequently can also create blood pressure issues, there are many ways through which one can prevent own self from all these diseases. Altering lifestyle and bringing dietary changes can significantly help in maintain the blood pressure within normal range however, it is important to know that a step wise guide should be followed for controlling the blood pressure and keeping it within the normal range.

Following are 8 simple steps that one can follow in order to keep the blood pressure normal.

1. Dietary changes

One of the most important ways control your blood pressure is to make dietary changes that can ensure better cardiac health. By eliminating fatty foods and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables – one can keep better heart health.

Food for heart patient should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and similar items. It is important to cut on fatty and fried food. The cholesterol level should be kept in check. The body needs good fats to stay healthy; however, an abnormal high level of cholesterol can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. It is advised to consume fresh fruit juices and more water. Heart healthy diet ensures a good functioning heart and normal blood pressure. Making healthy dietary changes and adopting a good diet plan will help in heart disease prevention.

2. Physical Exercise

Physical exertion is important to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. It is important to incorporate some sort of activity in daily routine that can keep you moving. Any form of routine including yoga can help in burning calories and keeping the body active. An active lifestyle leads to better heart health and subsequently, a long and healthier life.

3. Weight

Obesity has been reported to be one of the leading causes of heart diseases. For better heart health and overall wellness, it is important to keep a normal weight and a healthy BMI. The dietary changes and a regular workout can help in keeping normal body weight. Maintaining fitness helps in keeping an optimum cardiac health and help in heart disease prevention. It also reduces the possibility of stroke and other heart diseases.

4. Minimum Sodium Consumption

Sodium increases the blood pressure like nothing else. It is particularly important to use salt in smaller quantities and is advised to completely quit it in heart patient diet.

Sodium causes water retention in the body and a subsequent increase in blood pressure level. Sodium consumption does not only mean reducing salt but rather it is checking sodium level in all the foods that we consume. Processed food should be checked before eating because for the 75% of sodium, the biggest source is all the packed items that are eaten.

5.Stress Free Routine

It is fairly impossible to not be overwhelmed by things now and then but it is important to not be too worked up and lead a stress free routine. Blood pressure peaks in flight and fright mode and can cause serious harm including stroke. Hence, it is important to keep a hypertensive patient free from any emergency situation.

6. Monitoring the Blood Pressure Regularly

It is advised to check the blood pressure regularly in order to rule out any suspected illness. Heart disease prevention, in a way, is achieved by keeping a normal blood pressure level. Therefore, it is important to keep the blood pressure level at a normal figure.

7. Quit Smoking and Drinking

Alcohol and tobacco are poison for cardiac patients and the biggest risk factors for high blood pressure and possibly, all other diseases related to cardiac health. The chemicals in tobacco are known to damage blood vessels.

Every puff of cigarette smoke is known to cause an increase in the blood pressure level and subsequently, a higher chance for heart diseases and stroke. Alcohol is linked to 16% high blood pressure cases around the world. Drinking alcohol in any quantity increases blood pressure and is therefore, one of the highest risk factors for hypertension around.

8. Medication

Hypertension is a serious concern and should be taken as one. It can lead to many heart diseases. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor for proper medication and properly follow the regime. Heart attack symptoms can be fairly reduced by taking medication and keeping the blood pressure within the normal range. Moreover, for better heart health, it is also important to take the prescribed drugs regularly and make follow-up visits. A doctor checkup, at least once in two months is important to keep an eye on any suspected heart illnesses.


Controlling blood pressure through lifestyle changes is one of the best ways to maintain a better heart health. In order to ensure optimum cardiac health, normal blood pressure within the advised range plays a vital role. By consuming a balanced diet and making the necessary changes, one can lead an active and healthy life with blood pressure, well controlled and maintained in a healthy range. Lifestyle changes have proven to be significant in reducing the possible risk for heart diseases. Hypertension is a silent killer and for a good cardiac health, it should be controlled at all costs.

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