10 Easy Steps to Lose Your Weight

Caloric Deficit and Workout

Calories in a normal meal usually range around 700-800. A person consumes at least three meals a day – all three ranging in a different caloric limit. Now, if someone wants to lose weight, it is important for the person to understand the concept of a caloric deficit and stay in it. The deficit means, one should eat less than the calories needed for his maintenance weight. Along with the diet, incorporating any form of physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day can bear fruitful results.

Self Motivation and Consistency

Along with this basic understanding of food and work out, it is also important to realize that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. There is no magic pill or a wonder juice that can make it happen in a jiffy. It is a long process. It needs time and patience. Above everything else, it requires consistency and motivation, perhaps, the passion and will to push harder every day. Just like weight gain doesn’t happen instantly. Similarly, losing it needs a span of time as well. Along with the body, you have to train your mind as well. It is not only a physical test but mental one too.


Important Steps in Weight Loss

Following are listed 10 of the most useful and basic steps that can help you in weight loss.

1. Switch to Whole Foods

It is one of the most basic and effective steps in losing weight. Try to switch to whole foods. Whole grains, bran bread, skim milk, vegetables, nuts, fruits – everything that is not refined, not processed and not packed/canned should be your first pick while preparing your meals. Food choices are really important as they play 70% of the role in weight loss. The remaining 30% is played by workout.

2. Cut on Unnecessary Munching and Junk

It will be a shocker if I tell you that around 60% of our unnecessary weight gain is due to untimely munching between the meals and late night junk food. By cutting on the unnecessary snacking, you can see significant changes in your measurement and weight. Once after 15 days, a cheat meal is okay however, it is necessary to cut out all the junk food from your meals.

3. Anticipate Your Temptations

It is extremely important to train your mind in a certain way during your weight loss journey. If you think you would not be able to resist a batch of freshly baked muffins, do not keep them in your pantry. It is crucial to know your temptations and trick your mind into thinking otherwise.

4. Do not Drink Your Calories

You are better off eating the fruit than drinking it. Other than sodas and soft drinks, the sweetened tea and juices are no different. It is important to eat your fruits than to make juices out of them that are dense in sugar. You must eat the calories and not drink them.

5. Smaller Portions

Portion sizes matter a lot. Even if you are eating right but your portions are bigger, it is of no use. Therefore, you must maintain small portions in order to avoid over eating. Keeping small bowls and smaller plates can help you greatly in controlling your portions. People who order smaller portions or share a plate at the restaurants are more successful in their weight loss journey as compared to those who devour the entire platter by themselves.

6. Physical Activity

Adding physical activity into your daily routine is very important to lose weight. As I said earlier, it is 30% of the exercise. Therefore, it is important to do any kind of activity and boost your metabolism and weight loss journey. Cardiovascular activities have been suggested. You can go for a brisk walk, jog or run. You may also start any kind of sport that you like including badminton, cricket, football, swimming or anything of your interest.

This way, you won’t get bored and along that, can burn some calories too. Starting with 30 minutes and then increasing the time of your workout can help in your weight loss journey. You can also incorporate weight lifting in your workout session.

7. Set Realistic Goals

You can’t drop 3 sizes of jeans in two weeks and you can’t lose 5 kg by the end of 16 days. Always set realistic goals that are practically easy to accomplish. By setting unrealistic goals you are pushing yourself into failures and disappointments. Because when you don’t see the desired results, you will lose all hope and hence, get disheartened. Therefore, it is important to understand that small and achievable can help you stay on track. Also, it is important to not step up on the scale everyday for checking your weight. It doesn’t happen magically and the digits change only after sometime.

8. Avoid Stress Eating

People usually tend to eat more when stressed. Stay vigilant of your trigger points and redirect them into something better and positive than eating. Try to engage yourself into some activities and stay distracted rather than stuffing your face with food when worked up.

9. Keep a Track of Your Journey

Document your journey. When you would compare your old pictures with the newer ones and see the visible difference, you will get motivated and stay on the track. Keep a close view of your journey and write it down. You can come back to it when you need some boost.

10. Celebrate Small Victories

Do not wait until you have shed 20 kilos and only then you will feel happy. Try to celebrate small accomplishments. Celebrate your non scale victories. Take pride in all the inches that you have lost. By patting yourself at the back for the little milestones, you can keep up with the journey and boost your consistency level.

Weight loss isn’t only a physical battle but a mental one as well therefore, permanent lifestyle changes should be made to accomplish the goals.

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