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This site aims towards the betterment of physical health of people and to make them understand their health conditions in a better way. It also struggles to give useful information, targeted knowledge and guidance that can help in spreading awareness regarding diseases, health issues and other aspects. Everything stated is only for educational purpose. The readers are advised to not only rely on the content given here as a substitute, nor does it replace, proper professional medical advice and consultation, diagnosis or treatment. If there are any health concerns, it is always suggested to consult a proper medical professional for an elaborate guidance. The reader must not delay proper medical checkup or disregard any professional consultation because of reading anything on this site. The use of any information or text given on this site should be solely at your own risk. And the site or the writer wouldn’t take any responsibility for it. Constant development, new researches, innovative treatment plans and nutritional up gradation is noticed in the field of health and medicine almost every day. The information provided here is subjected to changes and cannot be fitted in all situations and categories. The content on the site is only to spread awareness and educate the readers so they have some knowhow of illnesses, their changing health and nutritional values. It is, in no way, a testimonial to be taken as an ultimate source of guidance. Neither do we claim to provide a solution to all queries. Therefore, a proper professional consultation is always encouraged to be prioritized over something that you read online. Do not attempt any of the remedies and tips stated here without consulting your doctor. Before implementation of any information given here in your personal capacity, an authentic source shall be consulted. The site wouldn’t take any responsibility in case of health problems a possible emergency that can occur. The suggested exercises and diet tips might not be without risks. They can be beneficial but to a certain limit; nothing is without possible risks like certain injuries, aggravation of an existing condition, adverse effects, muscle sprains and more outcomes. Therefore, before trying anything, a permission signal from your family physician is important to ensure your safety. Your use of any information here doesn’t create a doctor-patient relationship with the site. Do not mistake this portal for an online doctor guidance or medical advice. The site doesn’t equate to a physician’s knowledge and makes no claim in treating people. Your individual results using the content here may vary greatly. Please keep in mind that opinions expressed on this site are solely to school the reader with a basic understanding regarding health and fitness. And in no way, indicate to be a definitive way of handling with any illness. We do not present any warrantee in relation to the accuracy of the information. To err is human and the content might be subjected to omissions, lacking and mistakes. Your use of the site should be at your own risk.

Terms of Use

  1. Medical advice disclaimer

    The content of the site including all the written articles and everything that is posted should be taken for the purpose of information and education only. It doesn’t constitute professional advice, diagnosis and treatment. The readers are encouraged to seek consultation of their qualified health professionals and consider it as a priority.

  2. Proprietary rights

    All the content posted on the site belongs to the owner of the site. Your use of the site doesn’t grant you ownership over anything. The content here is subjected to copyright and should be regarded as the site’s property.

  3. Limited License

    Use of the website or the knowledge offered her is mainly for education. The content can be considered for personal use in order to benefit from it for awareness and any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

  4. Prohibited Use

    Any commercial or promotional distribution, or site’s exploitation, is strictly not allowed. If you use the site’s content for any other reason than stated, you could be subjected to copyright law. Posting site’s content as own, trying to acquire its ownership is prohibited.

  5. Trademarks

    The trademarks, logos, service marks presented on the content of the site is solely site’s property under legal registration. And shouldn’t be used outside the website for anything that is unrelated to the information present on the site.

  6. User information

    While using the website if you are required to provide any information – it is important to give the authentic details. Your information shall be kept secret.

  7. Materials that are Submitted

    Until otherwise mentioned, any solicited, confidential information about other materials is not required to be submitted at the site. The site doesn’t maintain any such material and delete it right away.

  8. Prohibited User Conduct

    While using the site, it is important to agree that no content should be used in a way that can damage the site. You are not allowed to impersonate anyone or copy data from here. You must abide by the rules and regulations of use.

  9. Public Forum

    While using the site, you alone are responsible for the consequences of your activities. And the site doesn’t take any responsibility for your actions.

  10. Private Data

    Be careful and selective about giving any sensitive data on the website.

  11. Linking to the site

    If you tend to include any link on the site, it should open. The site has full right to remove or add any links provided.

  12. Indemnification

    You agree to defend the content and should provide support fully.

  13. Copyright

    All the information posted is a property of the site and subjected to copyrights.

  14. Feedback facility

    You agree to use this feature wisely and share your valuable views as they help us grow and improve.

  15. Information


    We do not claim to be free of errors and therefore, you should abide by the rule that the content uploaded on the site is subjected to changes as per medical advancements.

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